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Places to Eat in Boone NC, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, and more...



Dining in the Boone Area

Urban Diversity and Quality, Without the Urban!




For more than a century, the Boone Area’s classic resort towns and spectacular setting have been enticing adventurers and upscale vacationers alike. Food is a key part of the High Country's appeal. Luckily, the culinary choices are almost endless and that includes great places to eat if you visit the High Country over a Holiday.



Options range from sushi to barbecue, spa cuisine to bistro fare, tapas to authentic pub food. There’s also down-home family-style, modern mountain cuisine and game, Mexican eateries, steakhouses, and restaurants with great vegetarian dishes.




The Boone Area has a selection of chain eateries—but don't forget our local favorites! Longtime local restaurants are popular for distinctive settings and diverse, delicious foods. "Dine Local!" by checking out these established High Country dining spots and exploring the headings below.




Many locally-owned restaurants feature wines, cheeses, meats, and produce grown on area farms—and it's all available at local farmer's markets! You'll find the freshest vegetables, herbs, and foods of all kinds from the rich soil of the Boone Area—grown to exacting, inspiring standards of purity and organic certification. There is also fresh meat—from scrumptious, grass-fed beef, to free-range organic chicken—and sausage, country ham, and more. There are breads, bagels, rolls, biscuits, pastries—even pasta—all of it freshly made. Come hungry—at Boone's classic Watauga County Farmer's Market—breakfast is also served





If your mouth isn't watering yet, it should be. The Boone Area supports its local growers, from the weekly buyers at farmer's markets, to the chefs who will wow you at local eateries. Please join us, and help the Boone Area continue—and continue to enjoy—an authentically delicious local lifestyle.






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American Cafes & Coffee Shops Fast Food Mexican
Asian Casual Dining Fine Dining Seafood
Bakeries / Delis Catering Ice Cream Shops Steakhouses
Barbecue Family Dining Italian Vegetarian


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